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Your Health Information Privacy Rights

Your health information is private and should be protected. Federal law sets rules for health care providers and health insurance companies. These laws identify who can view and handle your health information and records. This law, called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), ensures that you know your rights over your health information. This includes the right to get a copy of your information, make sure it is correct, and know who has seen it.


At your convenience you may ask to see or get a copy of your medical record and other health information. If you desire a copy, simply put your request in writing and pay for the cost of copying and mailing. In most
cases, your copies must be given to you within 30 days.


Know that you can ask to change any wrong information in your file or add information to your file if you think
something is missing or incomplete. If there is ever any incorrect information you and a staff member at Begin Your Journey Counseling will review and if the information is incorrect, we will change the file as you requested.  Even if we believe the information is correct, you still have the right to have your disagreement noted in your file. In most cases, the file should be updated within 60 days.


By law, your health information can be used and shared for specific reasons not directly related to
your care, like coordinating your care with another healthcare provider, ensuring that you recieve adequate care, reporting certain conditions required by the Center for Disease Control, or reporting as required by state or federal law. You have the right to know who has seen your health information.

Your health information should not be used for purposes not directly related to your care without your
permission. We cannot give other's outside of your care your healthcare information, such as an employer, or share it for marketing and advertising, without your written authorization.

Know that you can always ask for a copy of your rights to privacy and our privacy practices.
Please feel free to let us know if there is information you do not want to
share. Know that you can ask that your health information not be shared with certain people, groups, or
companies.  You are allowed to ask for other kinds of restrictions. However, please note that we may not be able to grant your restrictions if this will impact your health care. 

To view our privacy practices document click the link below:

Notice of Privacy Practices

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